Sourdough bread class

I had such a lovely time at York Cookery School this afternoon on a sourdough bread making class. I’ve only every attempted to make bread by hand on a few occasions and never had any real success with it. Bread making has always seemed to me to be a mysterious area of cookery that involves a lot of alchemy and time. However, our tutor, Keith, was brilliant and made us feel like the process was actually quite simple. I had lots of fun getting stuck into mixing, kneading and baking and, before long, the room was filled with the enticing smell of fresh, warm bread.

I came home with a huge tray full of loaves and bread which we started to tuck into and taste. It was all really delicious and has inspired me to give the world of bread making a second chance. I now also have a new baby to look after, feed and water…. Before you get any ideas, I’m referring here to my brand new sourdough starter!!

Bread making heaven!

Bread making heaven!


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