Quick and simple modern roses

These lovely little modern roses really are very quick and simple to make. If you’ve never made any sugar flowers or fondant decorations before, this is a great place to start and you don’t need any special equipment.

Modern roses used as cupcake toppers.

Modern roses used as cupcake toppers.

What you will need:

  • Fondant icing in your choice of colour for the roses.
  • Green fondant icing for the leaves.
  • Rolling pin.
  • Edible glue (water is a good substitute).
  • A small paintbrush.
  • A sharp knife.
  • A scriber/leaf shaper tool but a cocktail stick will do just as well.
  • Some corn flour for dusting.
  • A baking tray or plate with some kitchen paper on it. You will use this for drying the roses you make.
Equipment for making roses.

Equipment for making roses.

I have, above, just listed fondant icing but wanted to give you a note on this. If you wish to use your roses as decorations on buttercream, they will ‘wilt’ after 24 hours. You can add them at the last minute but if you want your roses to be more long lasting, I would suggest mixing your fondant with flower paste in equal measures. This will result in something called modelling paste which I explained in a previous post.

How to make the roses:

1) Take a piece of your fondant and place this on a mat or work surface dusted with cornflour. Roll out the fondant until quite thin. Ensure you regularly move the fondant around on the work surface to avoid sticking. You can also dust the top of the fondant with cornflour if you find your rolling pin sticks to it.

2) Cut your rolled fondant into strips. You can make these as narrow or wide as you like, depending on how tall you wish your roses to be. Remove the trimmed fondant and square up each end of the strips.

3) Brush one of the long edges of each strip with a little edible glue or water. Be sparing here otherwise your roses will turn into a sticky mess!

Preparing the fondant.

Preparing the fondant.

4) Fold each strip of fondant in half lengthways, using the glue or water to stick the two sides together.

5) Cut the strips into shorter pieces. The length of these pieces will depend on whether you want to make small rose buds or larger, full roses. If you are not sure at this stage, you can just leave the strips in long pieces.

Folding the strips and cutting to size.

Folding the strips and cutting to size.

6) Now it is time to roll up the fondant strips to make them into roses. Apply a little edible glue or water along the long side of the strip where the two sides meet (not where the fold is). Again, be sparing with the glue.

7) Beginning at one end, start to roll up the strip of fondant. You may find it easier to do this in your hands or on a work top. Gather the fondant at the bottom but allow it to open out at the top so it isn’t rolled too tightly. You can gently ease out the edges with your fingers to give the rose some movement and make it more realistic.

8) Neaten the bottom of the rose by trimming it with your knife. Your rose is done!

9) Place each rose on the tray and leave to dry for at least a few hours, preferably overnight.

Rolling the fondant into roses.

Rolling the fondant into roses.

Making the leaves:

1) Take a small piece of your green fondant.

2) Roll this piece of fondant into a ball. Use the finger of one hand to roll the ball in the palm of your other hand.

3) Keeping the fondant in your hand, place your finger to one side of the ball. Roll the edge of the ball backwards and forwards with your finger to create a teardrop shape.

4) Use your scriber/leaf shaper tool or cocktail stick to make an indent along the centre of the teardrop.

5) Pull the shaper tool or cocktail stick along the fondant to give the impression of a leaf.

6) Make another leaf in the same way so you have enough for each rose. For smaller rose buds, you may want just one leaf each.

Making the rose leaves.

Making the rose leaves.

7) You can use your fingers to shape the leaves a little and give them some movement. You do not need to let the leaves dry at this stage as it is easier to attach them to the roses when they are still soft.

Assembling the roses:

1) Place a little bit of edible glue or water on the top of the larger end of each leaf.

2) Attach the leaves to the base of each rose. Curve them as you wish to obtain the shape you prefer.

Completed rose.

Completed rose.

3) Place the roses, with leaves attached, back on the tray and set aside until they are dry.

Make as many roses as you need. They will keep well for a long time if stored correctly, so you can make them in advance of any event. Remember not to store them in a plastic container or the fondant will sweat. Instead, use a cardboard box lined with some tissue or kitchen paper. An old (but clean!) shoe box is ideal.

Bunches of modern roses.

Bunches of modern roses.

You can use these pretty roses in many different ways on cupcakes, large cakes and biscuits. For this project, I used my pink and cream roses as cupcake toppers. I had to photograph these quickly before they were snapped up by my daughter and husband!!

Cupcakes with rose toppers.

Cupcakes with rose toppers.

Hope you enjoy making these quick and easy modern roses. I’d love to see what you have used them for.


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