Blackberry cupcakes

As Autumn seems to be rapidly approaching, I thought I’d make some seasonal blackberry cupcakes today. I followed my recipe for Summer Strawberry Cupcakes, just substituting strawberry flavour with blackberry extract in the buttercream and I used blackberry jam inside the cakes.

To get the two-tone buttercream effect, make up a batch of buttercream using 8oz butter and 1lb of sifted icing sugar along with a few drops of the blackberry extract, but don’t add any colouring yet. Once the buttercream is light and fluffy, remove half of it to another bowl and set to one side. To the remaining buttercream, add some purple food colouring gel and beat this in until it is evenly distributed. Put a star nozzle into a piping bag. Add the plain buttercream down one side of the bag and the purple tinted buttercream down the other. Then just pipe swirls on top of your cupcakes in the usual way (you can find tips on how to do this in my Summer Strawberry Cupcakes recipe).

Decorate the cupcakes however you wish – maybe a scattering of sprinkles or some juicy fresh blackberries. Enjoy!

Blackberry cupcakes.


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